Monday, March 16, 2009

In Trouble AGAIN!

How was I NOT supposed to eat the package of sweet potatoes on the counter? Clearly this was not my fault! In fact, my new diet stresses the importance of only eating certain foods - which includes sweet potatoes.
So, here's what happened. While my mom and dad were at work I noticed a package of sweet potatoes (see that black styrofoam container in front my bed?!) on the kitchen counter (they were behind a steak knife). Well, I love sweet potatoes and I was not going to let a steak knife stand in my way. After careful deliberation with Jackson, I decided that I would grab the steak knife and hide it in my bed. Once that barrier was removed, I was able to grab the package of sweet potatoes and carry them to my bed.
The package was a little difficult to get into - the steak knife actually came in handy! Once I ate through the plastic wrap (and a little bit of the styrofoam) the sweet potatoes were all mine! They tasted a little different from the cooked ones my moms makes me, but I liked the crunchy texture.
Unfortunately, I couldn't hide the "evidence" before my mom got home. And, boy, was she mad at me! As soon as she came in the front door I knew I was in trouble...again! Just so you know, this "getting in trouble thing" isn't too bad (don't tell my mom or dad that). Getting in trouble means I get told I am a bad dog, I act remorseful and sorry, and my mom usually takes a picture or two of me getting in trouble. Well, this time my mom yelled at me a little longer than usual and finally I just yawned in her face! I mean, I just ate a lot of sweet potatoes, my tummy is full, and I would like to get back to my afternoon nap!


  1. So glad you did not cut yourself with that huge knife!! Humans are at fault here, they left it on the counter and anything within reach is ours, they should know that by now. gees. =)

  2. Haroo, Daisy. Waldo here. I am an expurt at getting owt of trubble aftur eeting stuff I'm not sposed to. If woo ever need lessuns, just let me know.


  3. I am so jealous that you can reach the kitchen counter! My, albeit gorgeous min pin, petite figure does not allow for grabbing off more than the TV tray when it is close enough to the couch. I bet those sweet potatos were good stuff!
    Lizzy Bullock