Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Tonight my mom told me she met 2 wonderful ladies from G.R.E.A.T - the Golden Retriever Emergency Assistance Team - at the Cummer Museum's reception honoring The Dogs of Riverside and Avondale. My mom was overjoyed that my dad agreed to adopt/foster another Golden in December 2009. I'm not sure exactly what that means, but I think it means I get another playmate!! I am so excited! My mom tells me she is so excited to be affiliated with this wonderful group and is happy to help in any way. She was a little emotional tonight when she told me and Jackson the story of how we came to be rescued. It's been soooo long that I forgot my "old life". Now, Jackson and I play all day long and we love to snuggle and wrestle with our parents! We especially love our backyard (even though I am allergic to grass and most oak trees in our neighborhood). We sure do like living in Avondale!!! I would like to ask everyone to take a moment to support GREAT! Who knows, you may be supporting my new brother or sister!

The Dogs of Riverside and Avondale

Tonight my mom and dad are going to a reception for the book The Dogs of Riverside and Avondale, which features a story about me and my brother! My mom says the book is really good - full of wonderful stories about dogs in our neighborhood. I made sure to remind my mom to bring my business cards advertising this blog. I figure the more people who know about my misadventures the better! http://thedogsofriversideandavondale.com/

Saturday, August 8, 2009


My mom told me that Jackson and I were featured in the Florida Times Union's Pet of the Day on Friday.

Check us out: http://jacksonville.com/interact/blog/deirdre_conner/2009-08-07/cold_noses_friday_pet_of_the_day

She said that a lot of people now want Jackson and I to sign our page in The Dogs of Riverside and Avondale. Well, Jackson just lept at the chance for notoriety. I, on the other hand, demanded that we enter a contract whereby we would receive some type of compensation for our sought after autographs! Finally, Jackson and I came to terms with our new found celebrity: we are now accepting treats and belly rubs for an autograph. Sounds like a great agreement to me! Let us know if you want our autograph....