Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Canoeing and Camping Adventure

This fall my mom and dad took Jackson and I on our first camping adventure. I got in trouble within 10 minutes of arriving to our canoe launching area. You see, I absolutely love water. All kinds of water. Well, they should have known that I would make a mad dash for the Suwannee River when I saw it. And that, is exactly what I did! Too bad I ended up pulling my mom down an embankment through bushes. But, I got to the water!

After my dad waded out into the river to get me back (hey, I was paddling downstream and I knew I was in BIG trouble anyway...the extra few minutes to swim was worth seeing my dad get mad at me!) they put me in a canoe! It was so much fun.

Although, I would have preferred to swim alongside the canoe instead! My mom said I couldn't swim too much because of alligators. It sure was hard for me to be in that canoe and be still. I wanted to jump overboard everytime a leaf floated by. To help calm me down my mom let me drink from her didn't work.

Once we got to the campsite we got to play in the water and run around with the other dogs who were with us. I could have played all night! It turned out to be a really cold night so my and my brother Jackson got to sleep inside a tent with my mom and dad. I slept so good!

Oh Brother!

Can you believe my brother?

He thinks he is sooo cool just because he wears sunglasses when we travel to Grandma and Grandpa's house. He just does it for the ladies and I think it is ridiculous.

I should point out that Jackson is supposed to be a RETRIEVER but my brother does not like water, does not fetch, and wears sunglasses! Hmmm...