Tuesday, July 5, 2011



Yesterday our nation celebrated freedom and this got us thinking about our 600th rescue, Arlin. Arlin is being given a second chance to know the freedom that any dog who is truly loved and cared for knows. A free dog is free to just be a dog and enjoy every minute of yummy meals, loving pats on the head and falling asleep cuddled up next to the people who have given you that freedom. So, in the spirit of Independence day, we have renamed Arlin Liberty! Welcome to the family, Liberty. We're honored to help you find your freedom. http://p0.vresp.com/Tf0JYw

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Angels Among Us

Arlin the GREAT! #600
Today, my mom went to rescue the 600th Golden Retriever for G.R.E.A.T Rescue. His name is Arlin and she came home and told me all about him! He was found on the interstate and was being held by Animal Control. He is approximately 11 years old. When my mom went to pick him up, she was taken aback by his appearance. He stood in front of her, shaking and cowering. His coat was filthy and brittle, his eyes had discharge, and his tail remained between his legs. On the way out to the car, Arlin crept very slowly....near the ground. He was scared of everything...especially noises and sudden movements. However, when my mom and Arlin reached our car - he jumped right in and sat down.

They then began the ride to the rescue Vet. Arlin watched out the back window the entire way. Once there, my mom said she sat in the backseat with Arlin for about 30 minutes. She told him he was a "good boy" and that he was safe and sound. When it was time to take him in to the Vet, she was able to take him in through the back entrance to ensure a more peaceful setting. While the girls at the Vet reviewed the paperwork and prepared to take him back for treatment, my mom said she sat down on the floor with Arlin. At that moment, he gingerly put his paw on her arm and lowered his head...as if to say "Thank You - I'll be OK". He had become less fearful and even began wagging his tail. Arlin has definitely endured a rough life, but his Golden Spirit remains evident! Arlin will be a wonderful, loyal companion for someone very soon!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A day at the park...

Jasper running around after swimming
Today, while my mom and dad were at work, Jasper told me about his fun day at the dog park on Saturday. First of all, let me tell you that this story was NEWS to me! I am still trying to figure out why I was not invited. Anyway, Jasper told me that our mom and dad took him swimming at a dog park. He met a new friend and her name is Daisy - just like me! Although, Jasper told me that the "Daisy" he met was a puppy who chased him all over the place (just so everyone knows...I do not chase boys - they come to me).

After running, swimming, and playing fetch at the dogpark, Jasper went to Atlantic Beach, FL for shopping and lunch. He sat outside with my mom and dad while they ate pizza.

Then, to end the day, Jasper strolled around Avondale with my mom and dad. They even stopped at the BlueFish restaurant for some treats and afternoon drinks. He told me everyone LOVES him there..they even brought him out treats on a small salad plate and a bowl of fresh water!
Jasper sleeping on the car ride home - a long day indeed!

Now that I know the story, it sure does explain why Jasper was actually tired on Saturday night!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Edition!

Jasper sitting still - a rare occurrence!
It's time to celebrate! We have a new addition to our family!
That's right...my mom and dad adopted Jasper last Friday. My brothers, Jackson and Biloxi, are just as excited as I am to welcome Jasper to our family (if you want to hear the honest truth, I think Biloxi is the most excited! He and Jasper sure do play chase a lot).

I wonder what kind of trouble I can convince Jasper to get into with me? 
Jasper playing on the back deck

Thursday, January 13, 2011

3's Company!

Sitting pretty!

Family portrait!

Here's Jasper, Jackson, and I being good and sitting still for the camera (well, maybe we were sitting still for a treat!). We are pretty cute aren't we?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Jasper trying to write his own blog!
Can you believe this?

My new foster brother, Jasper, is trying to blog!

Here I was, telling my mom all about my misadventures and Jasper comes along and takes over the keyboard!