Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Daddy's Boy

My brother is such a daddy's boy!

He is so "people-dependent" it's pitiful!
My dad closed the bedroom door so he could get some extra sleep and Jackson stood outside the door whimpering for the longest time. Finally, he got the point that the door was not going to open so he decided to just lay up against it! And, of course, he made the saddest, most pitiful, face to my mom so she would feel bad for him. I mean - is this level of dependence normal?


  1. I would freak out if mom shut me out of the bedroom, it is bad enough she goes to the bathroom alone, which took me about 2 years to get used to that. Not dependence it's just constant worry about them. =)

  2. izzy think jackson's a wuss. she needs a manly man dog. :-)

  3. Oh Jackson!!!! I can totally relate! When my mom goes out the FRONT door, I sit and stare at it, willing it to open.....I scratch at the carpet...but darn! It does not open. Usually I tire myself out, and fall asleep against the door. Mom often comes home to find she has a very heavy door to open, with me sleeping behind it! Sorry mom! Just take me with you!
    Cheers from Honey