Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Today was not a good day...

I had a rough morning...I had to go to the Vet.

I really love the Vet, but not today. Today I had a severe allergic reaction to something (at least, that is what my mom told me). It all started when my mom was about to leave for work and noticed me scooting across the floor on my belly and scratching really bad. She made me roll over so she could see why I was behaving badly...she even called my dad in to look at my belly. My mom got really upset and scared when Dad (he's a nurse) said I needed to go to the Vet because my Dad never encourages trips to the Vet! I had huge red bumps all over my belly and my eyelids and feet were swelling. My mom wanted to take a picture of my belly but I wouldn't let her...I really didn't feel very good. So, she took this picture instead.
The Vet told my mom that I must have eaten something I was allergic to or maybe I "got into something in the backyard"...but, I didn't do anything - I swear. The Vet made me feel better with a shot...I didn't even care about getting a shot because the hives were getting worse and I had a slight fever. I feel better now and my hives barely itch anymore. Mom says I have to stay on medication for a few days, but that doesn't bother me because I get those little pills wrapped in turkey! I love turkey!

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