Thursday, January 15, 2009

Acupuncture Treatment

I love acupuncture!

You see, my mom has tried everything for all my allergies but nothing has worked. Well, a month ago my mom had Dr. Garner come to the house and she gave me acupuncture. Today was my second treatment.

Dr. Garner makes me feel so good! She tells me how happy and healthy I am AND she tells me I am a GOOD Girl. I love being a good girl!

The hardest part of acupuncture is staying still. My mom has to lay by me so I don't get up during treatment. 30 minutes is a long time for me to stay still!

Dr. Garner told my mom that I am allergic to all grain and dairy products (in addition to the other 20 environmental allergens I have). So, this means I don't get regular dog food anymore!

My mom cooks mustard greens, mushrooms, and beets for me. Then, she tops it all off with turkey! I love turkey almost as much as I love acupuncture.

After acupuncture I feel so relaxed.

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