Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another Duraflame log?

Some of you may remember that I have eaten a Duraflame log before (just so you didn't go so well for me). Well, a few nights ago my mom and dad were acting very "sneaky" about something in the fireplace. They actually locked me out of the living room while they "took care of something"! As soon as they let me back in the living room, I was able to figure out what they were hiding from me - another Duraflame log!! Can you believe it? I LOVE these logs! Although, I have never tasted one that was on fire before...I just stood there, licking my lips and wimpering at the log. I tried to move the fireplace screen out of the way with my paw, but my parents told me to "Leave it alone!" Clearly, they don't know how good a Duraflame log tastes...well, until it starts to come back up...

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