Saturday, June 6, 2009

Spring Is In The Air & So Are Baby Birds!

About 1 week into my ACL injury I was outside at 7:00am with my mom. She had just gotten out of the shower and had her hair all wrapped up in a towel. She was telling me to "go potty" for the 100th time when all of the sudden a baby bird fell out of a nest right in front of me! Boy, did that make me forget about my hurt leg! Before my mom could even act, I sprinted across the yard and got that little bird so we could play. It was my first ever bird "catch" - and let me tell you, birds are more fun to play with than lizards.
Well, I don't know why but my mom starting yelling and screaming and swatting at me! I just ran right past her with my new friend safely in my mouth. My mom was screaming so loud I bet my neighbors wondered what her problem was. She kept coming after me and screaming so I just continued to run from her. She was SCARY!
Once I reached a safe part of the yard I kept trying to get the baby bird to play with me, but it wouldn't ... so I just started tossing that little guy up in the air and catching him. (I am getting really good at catching things in my mouth and he was no different). Then, I looked around and my mom had left! So, I picked up my friend and went to the backdoor to get in. But, my mom wouldn't open the door for me. I was even whining and wimpering and trying to show her my new friend but she told me "No!" So, I just continued to play with my new friend - until my dad came home! He said my mom called him on his cell phone and she was crying. She told him to get home from work ASAP (he had worked the 7pm-7am shift at the hospital the night before). I guess that scared my dad so he rushed home. He didn't even want to see me catch that bird in the air. He just opened my mouth and took my new friend away from me. Can you believe it?! The next thing I know my dad takes me inside and my mom starts calling me a murderer...what does that mean? It must not be a good thing because my mom didn't really pay much attention to me for the rest of the day. Maybe she doesn't like birds as much as I do?

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  1. Woo wuz just trying to let hur get a closer look! Sillee mommeez.

    Gus and Waldo